Roman Camp Wedding
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The Kennedy Cupcakes Merryoke

The Gryffe Weddings team had a fantastic time filming with a fantastic 40's/50's dance troop, The Kennedy Cupcakes on Sunday. Here is the finished video for all to enjoy. [vimeo][/vimeo]
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Team Fabulous Merryoke

The Gryffe Weddings team are very proud to be able to show off our new Merryoke video that was filmed last night in 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. The evening was organised as an early Christmas party for all the wedding suppliers in…
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Introducing Merryoke From Gryffe Weddings!

We are really excited to let everyone know about our new festive fun filled venture, Merryoke! To explain what Merryoke is, its a bit like a cross between Marryoke, and drunken Christmas parties! You choose your song, and we turn up at your…